Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moth brings death quietly around neighborhoods.

It's unique transverse orientation mimics awkward dances 
that are only found in sub religious sects in a remote zone, 
in a remote country. 
Often seen being held up in the lights 
like some sort of cocktail gathering 
gone too far and out of control. 

It's the mute party of the night. 

Fluttering about your own celestial navigation 
that not even sailors would even try to comprehend. 
What does your number nine delineate?
Witches and death often words that evoke in your history. 
But is it really accurate?
Are your brooding wing's cryptic writings 
eloquently scream the fate of all living things? 
or are you just another associate for the white one?

Or so they say.

Only those who believe in spiritual weariness
alerts those who aren't, but is it really worth it?
Is there really a good reason to pass the word around?
The light dance deprecates enough. 
The sounds of their wings resonate in the empty streets; 
Like civil defense sirens going off, 
which gets to be ignored—not by choice, 
but by the slow ongoing absolute detachment from nature itself.

(Painting in progress) 
16 x12'' acrylic on masonite


Friday, July 29, 2011

Rainy night

I promised I was going to keep updating this thing. Since I have most of my work under a series of progress, I refuse to show them how they are looking right now, but I promise you that you will get to see them soon.
My afternoon consisted of watching movies, eating vasts amounts of ice cream, painting, shooing cats from my work desk, and watching anime. 

I write with promises that are yet to come.


P.S. I need to stop giving myself nicknames, handles and don't know which strictly to go by these days.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi there Blog!

This is kind of dicky for me to write about this, but no one really cares (me included). 
Livejournal has always been my writing place. Although I am thinking of killing my account and seize its existence. Please bare with my slow learning techniques. This is my very first post, yet I have had this account for more than a year open now.

I still need to figure this thing out and hopefully get the hang of it soon. For those of you spectating and snooping; this blog will have my artwork, my tattoo work, thoughts and horribly edited and written short storiesjust weird written things that never in this life could never be categorized... 


On another note. 
I decided to every day come up with a drawing. Any media is acceptable. Today, I tried coming up with something and I ended up what it appears to be an ink murder scene (unintentionally). Not all is lost though, I finished two drawings that I cant wait to post soon.

For now, you just have to conform your slappy asses with this:

Over and out.