Tuesday, August 9, 2011

EFIL : )

Painting and drawing have been one of those things in my life that I do almost automatically.
It has been an obvious passion of mine ever since I could barely walk and speak in decent sentences without drooling up a cascade of my own saliva.
It has been the thing that was always there with me, even when no one was. I never saw myself as something else other than an artist. Back then, I was so scared to even mentioning a career as an artist, because of its social stigma. But I still went for it, knowing all it's pros and cons.

Life is too short to be minding what other people think about things you want to do in your life.
A lot of people think that the most important things in life is to have a secure job that pays well, have a nice car, a nice house etc etc.  WHY?
Fuck material shit, you are not going to use or have them once your six feet underground.

People have to keep in mind that almost all of us wont get to live to be a 100—probably less than that, or even half of that. I think a lot of us plan ahead way too early. You can never tell when it's going to be your time to die. Death terrifies a lot of us, but I think we should see it differently. It is everywhere and it happens every minute and I think people should be encouraged by this and live life like if it's going to end tomorrow. That to me is what I find so beautiful about death. It is a natural billboard that lets everyone realize what is important. We all just have to read between the lines without that "blindfold".

So what does it all boil down to? 

Always do what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. 

Therefore, I make art every day and I love it. It might be the simplest thing in the world to be doing as a human being, but it brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy. I never cared about the price of it, because I saw it all as worth the hassle. So go pursue what you love and get it.

On another note. I heard that The Art Institute is going to be making a trip to Italy next year. I have always dreamed to go there and visit. Not only Italy is fucking beautiful—it is full of artwork from my favorite painters and sculptors. If I get to go, I will do whatever it takes to not cry like a baby every 10 seconds. This is going to happen, and I won't let anything or anyone stop me from going to this trip! I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about this place and not having the chance to go and see it for myself.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


I haven't been so swamped with tattoo designs that I have to do, such as now... I really hope I get more. No, I really hope i have to swim in a sea of work. It's stressful, but when has ever a job been non stressful before? I am not whining or bitching about this shpiel. I am just amazed how this entire summer has been insanely busy.

Usually, tattoo shops here in Laudy and Miami depend a lot on tourist traffic, college students, and spring breakers. Summer time is our most slowest of all seasons. This time around? Holy shit. 
I do not like the fact that I haven't gotten tattooed often.... due to my busy schedule. That is the only thing that I am not so happy about.

This is a rough of what I'll be making tomorrow. It is still too rough to know how much changes i am going to be doing with it. This thing is going to be bigger than it looks.

Who does not like a cat fight every now and then?

I am keeping my post brief, since I still have other designs to be working on : S  I miss you already blogger, even though I know that there is no one out there reading this. You have become my crafty journal. Meaning, you have become a part of my online life.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Harry Potter shenanigans.

Okay. I just came back from the movie theater...

I am going to recap my wacky evening, since I have never experienced a clusterfuck such as this one in a long time.

Me and the D got out of work at the same time—for the first time in god knows how long. We decided to go out and have dinner before the movie. Around the movie theater, there were a few restaurants to choose from. I personally haven't been to T.G.I Friday's in a long time, so I decided that was the place were were going to dine in. Before we got there, we saw a Miller's Ale House—so we went there instead.
Not only I had good food there before, I had good service and great servers. This time around...well not so much. The server was a waste of space; we waited 15 minutes or more for us to get our drinks and not to mention his refill belief system—which was nonexistent. I mean come on! We know you hate your job, but that does not mean you do not have to do your job and just show up for a paycheck here.

I am one of those people that never complain about anything—until you get on my nerves.
When we finished eating, our check appeared faster than our forks hit the empty plates. If he was so fast like that with our food and beverages, maybe he shouldn't have gotten a shitty tip.
As soon as we were ready to split, a nasty dirty sock smell arose slowly and overwhelmed the whole restaurant. It was like someone had opened a pandora's box of collective sweaty gym lockers and dirty laundry! We pretty much ran out of the joint laughing and baffled.

We could not believe how bad this evening had gone, but we still managed to have a great laugh out of it. On our way to the theater, we stopped at a Kmart—which I am impressed that there are still a few of those stores around. We needed some candy. Paying 8 bucks for a box of candy at the theater stand (to me) is the equivalent of pretty much offering your ass spread open and wait for a surprise penetration—It's in that list of getting your bottom violated willingly. How can a store lack strawberry twizzlers?  Can anyone answer me that? 

 A spider in the car attacked me. I could not stop laughing. When we finally parked and got in the theatre—It was almost empty. There were two people there and us. Later when the trailers came up more people came in. At last minute a group of three or four sat on our row. They were very loud and we were hoping this was going to be temporary.
When the movie began, I was like a little kid. My eyes turned just like anime eyes, and It was just me and the movie. Just how I like it.
I was feeling every single sound. Every single word and dialogue was caressing my ears and I was totally hypnotized by the drama. The awesomeness oozed throughout the entire theater and splashed my face with it—like experiencing a storm in front of a beach. Then. All of a sudden, this screeching laughter broke my concentration, like a broken t.v. antenna trying to search for a cable signal. It was the little group sitting on our row. 
Not only it broke my total concentration, I also put me in a bad mood. How could this be? I asked myself. How come whenever I decide to go watch a Harry Potter movie, some jerk off has to ruin it for me? After 15 minutes of them laughing ridiculously loud, texting and talking aloud—I had enough and I went were I said yesterday I wasn't going to go.

"CaN yOu bE qUiEt PlEaSe!?!?!?!"

I hate to be the one who shushes people in theaters. I mean...come on, People!!! are you really that retarded, and do not comprehend that the two commercials that make fun of noisy people and phone silencing are just sufficiently eloquent and get the point across? Why is it so hard for some people to understand that the rest of the people in the theater do not wish to hear your stupid comments, or hear the clacking of your iphone's keyboard when you text?!

The movie was great, but it could have been better.... I have had the worst luck sitting next to either idiots that won't shut up or people with a terrible cough. 

I am glad it's over.... I am going to miss it though...

Stop! Hammer time!!

I must be the most uncool nerd on the planet. SO basically, it's a double whammy of suck. Why do I think so?  Because I think I am the only one in the USA that has not seen Harry Potter yet. I am going to go see it tonight—if I don't end up getting sucked in my art room and forget all about it.

Not only I have been putting it off because of my busy schedule from work, but also because the previous Harry Potter movie was totally ruined by some jerk off screaming comic book exclamations after a scene. I hate to be the one who screams "shut the fuck up" in theaters.


OH!! I just found a new fave artist/dude person!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Doc Hammer!!!

 I just found out that he is one of the creators from The Venture Bors. I did not know this, because I don't watch television anymore (for 2 years now) like a cool girl that I am. Not only this man has the looks, his creativity is fully charged with the kind of energy that is right up my alley. Check his deviantart!  -> http://doc-hammer.deviantart.com/


Monday, August 1, 2011

Case of the Mondays

Usually Mondays are a bit draggy. I never get "the case" too bad due to the fact that I am one of those fortunate people that do not hate their job. This is seriously the face I make every Monday.


Not all is lost though. I finally finished a tattoo that took me a while to finish. Koi fish tattoos have been very abundant this past month. Not only for me to do them, but the rest of my co-workers have too. I hope it's not an omen.

On another note:
It's getting hotter as the days fly by. I miss my winter clothes, which is pretty much my whole closet. I thought I was going to die in the middle of traffic the other day; I was on my bike.
This week, I am going to post pictures up of more things I have been working on.  Right now, I am trying to get a mini list of things to do today and accomplish them for self-gratification.

To do list:

1. Clean my station thoroughly. And when I mean thoroughly, I mean going medieval on it.

2. Keep away from tumblr at all costs.

3. Stop listening to the same Thomas Dolby songs over and over today. I know I will get tired of them soon, but it still has not happened yet. I think he is almost up to par with my obsession with David Bowie since I was a child.

4. Clean out my messenger bag...  Seriously...
I am a tidy and organized person BIG TIME, but when it comes to purses, bags and the kitchen counter, I fail miserably as a respectable ocd-cleaning cleric that I usually am.

Hope you guys survive this Monday!

Ovah & Out


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moth brings death quietly around neighborhoods.

It's unique transverse orientation mimics awkward dances 
that are only found in sub religious sects in a remote zone, 
in a remote country. 
Often seen being held up in the lights 
like some sort of cocktail gathering 
gone too far and out of control. 

It's the mute party of the night. 

Fluttering about your own celestial navigation 
that not even sailors would even try to comprehend. 
What does your number nine delineate?
Witches and death often words that evoke in your history. 
But is it really accurate?
Are your brooding wing's cryptic writings 
eloquently scream the fate of all living things? 
or are you just another associate for the white one?

Or so they say.

Only those who believe in spiritual weariness
alerts those who aren't, but is it really worth it?
Is there really a good reason to pass the word around?
The light dance deprecates enough. 
The sounds of their wings resonate in the empty streets; 
Like civil defense sirens going off, 
which gets to be ignored—not by choice, 
but by the slow ongoing absolute detachment from nature itself.

(Painting in progress) 
16 x12'' acrylic on masonite


Friday, July 29, 2011

Rainy night

I promised I was going to keep updating this thing. Since I have most of my work under a series of progress, I refuse to show them how they are looking right now, but I promise you that you will get to see them soon.
My afternoon consisted of watching movies, eating vasts amounts of ice cream, painting, shooing cats from my work desk, and watching anime. 

I write with promises that are yet to come.


P.S. I need to stop giving myself nicknames, handles and a.k.as......I don't know which strictly to go by these days.