Tuesday, August 9, 2011

EFIL : )

Painting and drawing have been one of those things in my life that I do almost automatically.
It has been an obvious passion of mine ever since I could barely walk and speak in decent sentences without drooling up a cascade of my own saliva.
It has been the thing that was always there with me, even when no one was. I never saw myself as something else other than an artist. Back then, I was so scared to even mentioning a career as an artist, because of its social stigma. But I still went for it, knowing all it's pros and cons.

Life is too short to be minding what other people think about things you want to do in your life.
A lot of people think that the most important things in life is to have a secure job that pays well, have a nice car, a nice house etc etc.  WHY?
Fuck material shit, you are not going to use or have them once your six feet underground.

People have to keep in mind that almost all of us wont get to live to be a 100—probably less than that, or even half of that. I think a lot of us plan ahead way too early. You can never tell when it's going to be your time to die. Death terrifies a lot of us, but I think we should see it differently. It is everywhere and it happens every minute and I think people should be encouraged by this and live life like if it's going to end tomorrow. That to me is what I find so beautiful about death. It is a natural billboard that lets everyone realize what is important. We all just have to read between the lines without that "blindfold".

So what does it all boil down to? 

Always do what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. 

Therefore, I make art every day and I love it. It might be the simplest thing in the world to be doing as a human being, but it brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy. I never cared about the price of it, because I saw it all as worth the hassle. So go pursue what you love and get it.

On another note. I heard that The Art Institute is going to be making a trip to Italy next year. I have always dreamed to go there and visit. Not only Italy is fucking beautiful—it is full of artwork from my favorite painters and sculptors. If I get to go, I will do whatever it takes to not cry like a baby every 10 seconds. This is going to happen, and I won't let anything or anyone stop me from going to this trip! I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about this place and not having the chance to go and see it for myself.



  1. Hi M

    I am Yvonne from Switzerland - the lady who took the pictures while you were tattooing my daughters neck two weeks ago. Remember?

    Just read that you might be going to Italy next year. What a great opinion to see all of these amazing arts of all those unbelievable artists. You will love it, I know it. Actually, we are going to be in Italy, in Firenze (Florence) in five weeks to enjoy the beauty of this city with its culture and art. We love it. I know that you will going to love the Italians, the food and the Tuscany as well. Skip sleeping while being there. Sleep in the airplane later. Be sure to wear your best jogging shoes in order to run from one piazza to the other. And if possible: Try to visit Siena, located a bit more south of Firenze. And if you guys are going to see Roma, then it might happen that you will fall in love with this city and its unique historical places and art. Most of the people do. Italy is a magic place...I guess you will discover new feelings.

    Have fun and take care.

    Love, Yvonne

  2. Thank you Yvonne!

    How did you get ahold of my blog? this is awesome!

    I am kind of glad that I have not yet been to Italy. I think the older I get, the better I will appreciate it. I hope you have fun in Italy and I will sure keep your advices where to go in mind!

    Every Italian that I meet has not disappointed me. They are very kind and lovable people.

    I hope to see you soon next year in the summer : )

    Again, I wish you the best!

    Love, Mel

  3. Dear Mel

    Step 1: homepage of Babylon Tattoo - your @melissadrivera.com
    Step 2: Google melissadrivera....and it results in....
    Step 3: your homepage appears. Under contact it shows Deviant Art...klick
    Step 4: you do promote your blog
    Really, took just few finger klicks to contact you on this way.

    U r right: to really enjoy and appreciate good old Europe (and any other aim of yours), maturity is needed - it's actually a must! So I feel that your attitude brings you right to your goal. And having goals is what makes life worth to be lived. Enjoy every single day. I hope you share my opinion.

    Acutally, few hours ago we decided to spend our next three weeks of summer vacation in southern Florida, returning for at least a week to Laudy. Right now I am looking in the net for an appropriate hotel right on the beach. See what a busy woman I am. My son might be even allowed to get his first (very tiny) tattoo. And guess - where would we go to? --- We might see eachother in a year, ok?
    Have fun and take care of yourself.


  4. Nice!!!

    Having good goals is simply a rule for personal satisfaction, and you are right and I totally shar that opinion. I really hope to see you soon!

    : )


  5. Imagine that... 'EFIL'... once a moniker of mine. I traveled from your DA account on the trail that leads to this blog and !skuh-dooszh!- "EFIL" right at the top. So, I am hitching my wagon to your star. My first order of business will be to not say any more unless it is INTERESTING!