Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stop! Hammer time!!

I must be the most uncool nerd on the planet. SO basically, it's a double whammy of suck. Why do I think so?  Because I think I am the only one in the USA that has not seen Harry Potter yet. I am going to go see it tonight—if I don't end up getting sucked in my art room and forget all about it.

Not only I have been putting it off because of my busy schedule from work, but also because the previous Harry Potter movie was totally ruined by some jerk off screaming comic book exclamations after a scene. I hate to be the one who screams "shut the fuck up" in theaters.


OH!! I just found a new fave artist/dude person!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Doc Hammer!!!

 I just found out that he is one of the creators from The Venture Bors. I did not know this, because I don't watch television anymore (for 2 years now) like a cool girl that I am. Not only this man has the looks, his creativity is fully charged with the kind of energy that is right up my alley. Check his deviantart!  -> http://doc-hammer.deviantart.com/


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