Thursday, August 4, 2011


I haven't been so swamped with tattoo designs that I have to do, such as now... I really hope I get more. No, I really hope i have to swim in a sea of work. It's stressful, but when has ever a job been non stressful before? I am not whining or bitching about this shpiel. I am just amazed how this entire summer has been insanely busy.

Usually, tattoo shops here in Laudy and Miami depend a lot on tourist traffic, college students, and spring breakers. Summer time is our most slowest of all seasons. This time around? Holy shit. 
I do not like the fact that I haven't gotten tattooed often.... due to my busy schedule. That is the only thing that I am not so happy about.

This is a rough of what I'll be making tomorrow. It is still too rough to know how much changes i am going to be doing with it. This thing is going to be bigger than it looks.

Who does not like a cat fight every now and then?

I am keeping my post brief, since I still have other designs to be working on : S  I miss you already blogger, even though I know that there is no one out there reading this. You have become my crafty journal. Meaning, you have become a part of my online life.


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