Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi there Blog!

This is kind of dicky for me to write about this, but no one really cares (me included). 
Livejournal has always been my writing place. Although I am thinking of killing my account and seize its existence. Please bare with my slow learning techniques. This is my very first post, yet I have had this account for more than a year open now.

I still need to figure this thing out and hopefully get the hang of it soon. For those of you spectating and snooping; this blog will have my artwork, my tattoo work, thoughts and horribly edited and written short storiesjust weird written things that never in this life could never be categorized... 


On another note. 
I decided to every day come up with a drawing. Any media is acceptable. Today, I tried coming up with something and I ended up what it appears to be an ink murder scene (unintentionally). Not all is lost though, I finished two drawings that I cant wait to post soon.

For now, you just have to conform your slappy asses with this:

Over and out.


  1. Hey I saw you liked art..I started my own art blog as well, about the greatest works, come check it out ;)

  2. Welcome to the insanity of blogging!

  3. This is not good. I am already cracked and unfit for human society. This is totally not working in my favor, thus adding to the pile of socially inept behavior.

    oohh!! that kind of rhymed!